Infini-V Vehicle designs

Rob Prior, one of the more talented members of the Traveller mailing list is a Mac programmer. He has a number of useful programs, but Infini-V (known in beta as CSC) is the one that's been voted 'Most Likely To Cause a Gearhead to Buy A Mac'. The shareware ($25 US if I remember correctly) Infini-V implements the design system in IG's Central Supply Catalog sourcebook in an easy to use program. Then you can export the resulting design in any one of a number of native Mac formats or HTML for direct web presentation, as here.

Rob has finished Infini-V, there is supposedly a Windowze version in the works, and he's also said he's working on a similar, more ambitious program to automate FFS2.

We're waiting with bated breath....

My Designs

I've made a number of vehicles, playing around with Infini-V, and present them here is no grand order...


I've made a series of tanks, a TL3 one, and two TL 4 varieties, one steam powered, the other more conventional

Military grav vehicles

I have several of these, a serious COACC aerospace superiority fighter, light recon and ground support vehicles, and a gunship.

Civilian grav vehicles

Fast toys for the rich, really fast toys, cheap transport, and a smuggler's dream.


Four ultralights, a WWII bomber, a bush plane and a sentimental favorite

Non grav vehicles

Couple of ordinary cars, and a garbage truck.

Weird toys

Well, just look at them!