IronFist TL 12 Grav Tank (TL12)

Designed by Bruce Johnson

11.00 displacement ton wedge streamlined; 273 tonnes; MCr 10.2
154 kL wedge streamlined (16 m long x 6.7 m wide x 4.3 m high); Structure: 9.26 tonnes of crystaliron, rated for 4.0Gs, body 0.010 cm thick, sealed to 1 atm
Armour: 15 front (5.0 cm), 15 sides (5.0 cm), 11 rear (2.0 cm), 15 top (5.0 cm), 15 bottom (5.0 cm)
26.7 MW TL12 Fusion power plant; Fuel: 799 L of deuterium (799 kg), 2000 hours supply
Propulsion System: 25.0 MW contragrav with 6 minutes emergency power; Maximum Speed: 1074 km/h; Range: 2140348 km; Agility: -10DM (13.0G)
Crew roster: pilot, Gunner; 2 crew stations with ejection seats
Basic life support; Hatches: 1 manual; Grav Compensation (2G), Whole vehicle compensated
Plasma Cannon, Hvy Veh-1161 (15 exp)Extremely Long500+2DM, remote turret
Autocannon, Light-1111Very Long100400+2DM, coaxial turret
Subcontinental Radio (10.00 kW, TL12, SmVcl, MilSpec, DirAnt, DirFnd)
Orbital Laser (1.00 MW, TL12, SmVcl, MilSpec)
Active Subregional Radar (100 W, MilSpec) Resolution: 0.200 mm per km of range
Active Subregional Lidar (100 W, MilSpec) Resolution: 0.050 mm per km of range
Active Subregional Jammer (100 W, MilSpec) Resolution: 0.200 mm per km of range
Safety Features: anti-hijack system, fire suppression system

This is the IronFist grav tank, a early TL-12 grav tank design.

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