Bushmaster small hauler (TL7)

Designed by Bruce Johnson

1.50 displacement ton cylinder airframe; 4.13 tonnes; MCr 1.40
21.0 kL cylinder airframe (6.8 m long x 1.10 m wide x 1.10 m high, wingspan 8.10 m); Structure: 202 kg of fiber laminate, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.13 cm thick, 1 armour rating
2x 250 kW TL5 Imp. Internal Combustion power plants; Fuel: 375 L of high-grade hcarb (375 kg), 6 hours supply
Propulsion System: 500 kW high performance aircraft with STOL capability; Maximum Speed: 233 km/h; Take-Off Speed: 54 km/h; Runway Length: 38 m; Take-Off Time: 5 seconds; Range: 1394 km; Agility: +3DM (0.3G)
Crew & Passengers:
Crew roster: pilot, Copilot; 2 crew stations; 4 roomy passenger seats
Subcontinental Radio (100 W, TL7, SmVcl)
No sensors installed.
2.00 kL of cargo space

The Bushmaster small hauler is a common sight in the backcountry. It's two radial engines are quite rugged and reliable. The passenger seats can be removed to almost double the cargo hauling space, although that really affects the performance. With 6 kl of cargo space filled, the takeoff speed rises to 81 km /hr, the top is only 157, and the range is cut to slightly over 900 km. Of course this is standard cargo. There is quite a bit of spare room in the vehicle, there are 3 kl of space unused in this design, that can be used for cargo. Float versions of the Bushmaster are available for water landings. Ski's are also available for the wheeled version for arctic use.

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