Benson Zipper II ultralight aircraft (TL7)

Designed by Bruce Johnson

0.09 displacement ton open-topped needle airframe; 256 kg; kCr 12.7
1.26 kL open-topped needle airframe (4.0 m long x 56 cm wide x 56 cm high, wingspan 5.0 m); Structure: 36.7 kg of fiber laminate, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.20 cm thick, 1 armour rating
18.0 kW TL5 Imp. Internal Combustion power plant; Fuel: 22.5 L of high-grade hcarb (22.5 kg), 10 hours supply
Propulsion System: 18.0 kW aircraft with STOL capability; Maximum Speed: 101 km/h; Take-Off Speed: 18 km/h; Runway Length: 7 m; Take-Off Time: 2 seconds; Range: 1011 km; Agility: +1DM (0.2G)
Crew roster: pilot; 1 crew station
No communicators installed.
No sensors installed.

Another take on a popular means of recreational and utlity travel. There's more protection for the pilot in this version than in the Chickadee, and has a more powerful engine, it has a lower takeoff speed, and an absurdly short takeoff will leave the ground in less than twice it's own length.

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