Avanti stealthed version (TL12)

Designed by Bruce

1.00 displacement ton wedge streamlined; 12.1 tonnes; kCr 724
14.0 kL wedge streamlined (7.5 m long x 2.10 m wide x 1.9 m high); Structure: 3.75 tonnes of crystaliron, rated for 8.0Gs, body 0.03 cm thick, sealed to 1 atm, 2 armour rating; Stealth Structure: -3DM against TL12- military and TL13- civilian sensor
3.11 MW TL12 Fusion Plus power plant; Fuel: 9.73 L of enriched water (9.73 kg), 10 hours supply
Propulsion System: 3.00 MW contragrav with 6 minutes emergency power; Maximum Speed: 7890 km/h; Range: 78589 km; Agility: -32DM (35.3G)
Crew roster: pilot; 1 crew station with ejection seats (5.0 cm of Composite Laminate armour, rating 11)
Grav Compensation (3G), Only seating compensated
Missile, Light-1126 (16 exp)Long14+2DM, remote
Missile, Heavy-1141 (27 exp)Very Long14+2DM, remote
Continental Laser (100 kW, TL12, SmVcl, MilSpec)
Passive Subregional Optical (2 W, MilSpec, MultArray) Resolution: 0.020 mm per km of range
Active Regional Radar (1.00 kW, MilSpec) Resolution: 0.200 mm per km of range
Active Subregional Jammer (100 W, MilSpec) Resolution: 0.200 mm per km of range

This is a seriously mil-specc'ed Avanti. In actuality, this is a different vehicle, but the parent company chose to link the civilian version with this one. This craft is primarily used as a reconnaisance and light strike vehicle. It's very lightly armored, although the pilots area is armored with a 5 cm. shell of Comp Laminate. The company has sold unarmed versions of this vehicle on the open market, outside the Imperium. Some have found their way back in.

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