Small Walker (TL10)

Designed by Paolo

26.50 displacement ton sphere streamlined; 69.8 tonnes; MCr 3.68
371 kL sphere streamlined (8.9 m long x 8.9 m wide x 8.9 m high); Structure: 2.77 tonnes of crystaliron, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.010 cm thick, sealed to 1 atm
Armour: 10 front (1.5 cm), 10 sides (1.5 cm), 10 rear (1.5 cm), 10 top (1.5 cm), 10 bottom (1.5 cm); Stealth Structure: -3DM against TL10- military and TL11- civilian sensors
2.01 MW TL7 Fuel Cell power plant; Fuel: 340 kL of liquid hydrogen (24.3 tonnes), 20 hours supply
Propulsion System: 2.00 MW legs with propeller for water use; Maximum Speed: 29 km/h; Range: 588 km; Agility: +3DM (0.0G)
Crew roster: driver; 1 crew station
Basic life support; Hatches: 1 manual
Autocannon, Light-810 (7 exp)Long1002+2DM, remote turret
Machinegun, Medium-85Long2005+2DM, coaxial turret
Regional Radio (1.00 kW, TL10, SmVcl, MilSpec, DirAnt, DirFnd)
Active Regional Radar (1.00 kW, MilSpec, DispArray) Resolution: 1.0 mm per km of range
Active Subregional Jammer (100 W, MilSpec) Resolution: 5.0 mm per km of range
Passive Subregional Optical (2 W, MilSpec, MultArray) Resolution: 0.200 mm per km of range

This is a walker vehicle, designed mostly for light fire support, and city combat. It is effective against low-TL populations and forces without effective armor or air support.

Designed with CSC (software ©Robert Prior, 1997)