Pug grav scooter (TL12)

Designed by Bruce Johnson

0.08 displacement ton open-topped cylinder streamlined; 662 kg; Cr 3208
1.12 kL open-topped cylinder streamlined (2.6 m long x 74 cm wide x 74 cm high); Structure: 200 kg of light composite, rated for 3.0Gs, body 0.05 cm thick, 2 armour rating
50.0 kW TL12 Fusion Plus power plant; Fuel: 78 mL of enriched water (78.1 g), 5 hours supply
Propulsion System: 25.0 kW contragrav with 6 minutes emergency power; Maximum Speed: 180 km/h; Range: 900 km; Agility: -4DM (5.3G)
Crew & Passengers:
Crew roster: pilot; 1 external crew station; 1 external passenger seat; Protection: front
Subregional Radio (1 W, TL12, SmVcl)
No sensors installed.
Safety Features: anti-theft system, Roadgrid
350 L of cargo space

You can't get too much smaller than the Pug. With the Roadgrid turned off, it's limited to 30 cm altitude, and 70 km/hr. Of course, enterprising teens, the main market for these small vehicles, rapidly find ways of circumventing the governors. In some urban areas, there thousands of these, and on poorer worlds these are a main means of transport, often carrying outlandish loads strapped precariously on.

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