Civil War (1864 that is!) tank (TL3)

Designed by Bruce Johnson

8.00 displacement ton box; 47.6 tonnes; kCr 264
112 kL box (7.5 m long x 3.9 m wide x 3.9 m high); Structure: 2.70 tonnes of soft steel, rated for 1.0Gs, body 0.50 cm thick
Armour: 5 front (2.5 cm), 5 sides (2.5 cm), 3 rear (0.50 cm), 3 top (0.50 cm), 3 bottom (0.50 cm)
1.50 MW TL3 Early Steam power plant; Fuel: 599 L of wood (299 kg), 2 hours supply
Propulsion System: 1.50 MW wheels; Maximum Speed: 43 km/h; Range: 86 km; Agility: +3DM (0.0G)
Crew roster: driver, 2 gunners, Stoker; 4 crew stations
Cannon, Medium-38 (13 exp)Very Short120turret2 gunners
No communicators installed.
No sensors installed.

This vehicle must have been incredibly brutal to be in...a steam engine within the confines of a steel box must have raised the internal temperatures to horrific levels, and the heat and noise from firing the cannon must have been nearly unbearable. Still, as a terror weapon used against Union forces it was effective, when it wasn't bogged down by it's heavy weight. A squadron of ten of these were very successful, and broke the Union lines when General Jackson's forces sacked Washington in '86, just before the armistice of Spotsylvania brought the war to it's inconclusive standstill. Union forces were relatively quick to copy these, and several of the battles of the Border Wars of 1873-81 were fought by groups of these 'tanks' as they came to be called. (Obviously this is from an alternate timeline...where the Confederacy fought the Union to a standstill. Other details of this timeline are beyond the scope of this blurb.)

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