This is a companion web page for the sociological research article "Apartheid in the Great Outdoors: American Advertising and the Reproduction of a Racialized Outdoor Leisure Identity." The full article can be found in the Journal of Leisure Research, 2004, vol. 36, no. 4, pp. 513-535. The article is a content analysis of over 4,400 advertisements that appeared in three different magazines (Ebony, Time, and Outside) from 1984 to 2000. To read more of the specifics, please click on the methods link.

The journal article and the web page both are intended to stand on their own merits, but ideally they should accompany each other. This web page contains numerous examples of the types of advertisements discussed in the article, providing the reader with a better (and more visual!) appreciation for the data that is not possible in the standard journal article format. The various statistics reported on this web site are taken from the article and they refer only to the sample of advertisements analysed (4,400+) from the years selected (1984-2000), and not the entire history of the magazines.

The images were scanned in their entirety, so all of the examples are accurate representations of the advertisements as they appear in the magazines. In some cases the top and sides of the ads have been cropped to remove jagged edges, but the images are otherwise unaltered.

The web page is organized into several sections, some featuring examples of advertisements from a single magazine (i.e. Time SUV Advertisements, Ebony SUV Advertisements), some comparing ads from two or more magazines (i.e. Comparisons of SUV Advertisements, State Tourism Advertisements), and some sections that give examples of the different categories of ads that were excluded from the analysis (i.e. Collage ads, Ambiguous ads). Each section is self contained, so it is not necessary to view them sequentially to follow the plot; you can browse the entire page in chronological order, or you can use the "Site Map" to navigate directly to any section that interests you.

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