This is an advertisement for Yokohama tires that appeared in Outside. It is specifically designed to appeal to the readers of the magazine: outdoor enthusiasts. The text reveals that this tire, presumably for an SUV, is not just for the pavement ("Champion of the Boonies", "world's toughest terrain"). That point is further emphasized by the image of the rock climber (how do you think he got to the base of the mountain?). The buzz word at the top of the ad ("Strength") attempts to make one final connection between the two: you could not perform the rock climbing maneuver pictured without great strength, and you should not drive your SUV without the strength provided by Yokohama tires.
Outside: August 1998, p. 77
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This is another advertisement for Yokohama tires that also appeared in Outside. Again, it is specifically designed to appeal to outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The text of the ad assures that whether you are "clawing along a jagged canyon ridge" or "negotiating boulders bigger than Volkswagens," this is the tire for you. As a parallel to the off-road prowess of the tire, they offer an image of a mountain biker taking on Mother Nature, presumably "without getting spanked," and certainly displaying this ad's buzz word: "Guts." Both this example and the one above are advertising tires, but not just any tires: they are off-road tires for SUVs. Not coincidently, both ads feature models engaged in outdoor leisure activities, and both models are white.
Outside: June 1998, p. 15
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This is the third ad of the series for Yokohama tires that appeared in Outside. Gone is the colorful off-road language, and gone are the accompanying images of rock climbers and mountain bikers. This is strictly an on-road tire, for a sedan or a sports coupe (see picture), but the company wants to stay with the same sport/lesiure theme as the other ads. So what's the solution? Feature a model participating in an urban sport like track and field. This time the buzz word is "confidence," and this time the model is black.
Outside: May 1998, p. 139
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Ads in Outside magazine often show models engaging in leisure activities, after all it is a leisure magazine. But of the models shown engaging in outdoor recreation (hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, etc.), only 1.4% are black, far below their overall percentage in the magazine of 4.8%. For models shown participating in more urban leisure activities (basketball, weight lifting, track & field, etc.), the percentage of black models is 6.8%. That is not only higher than the overall percentage for blacks in the magazine, but it is nearly five times the percentage for blacks shown engaging in outdoor recreation.
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