Here is an example of the way blacks are typically portrayed in Outside magazine. Almost half (46.7%) of the white models appearing in Outside display an outdoor leisure identity, while barely one-tenth (11.6%) of black models are similarly depicted.

Outside: January 1999, p. 23
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Here is another example of the way blacks are typically portrayed in Outside magazine. Whether at work or at play, they are most often situated in the urban/suburban environment.

Outside: December 1997, p. 119
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Here is a third example of a black model appearing in Outside magazine. Shown here in a rural setting, this black preacher is not confined to the usual urban/suburban environment. Still, black models are rarely shown in the Great Outdoors. Blacks make up 4.8% of the models depicted in Outside as a whole, but they account for only 1.3% of the models shown in the Great Outdoors.
Outside: June 1998, p. 98
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Here is an example from Outside magazine that features two black models located in the Great Outdoors and displaying outdoor leisure identities. According to the text of the ad, "Tom" and "Sally," appropriately dressed for hiking, "traded business talk for a babbling brook," singing "bye-bye blacktop" all the way. Perhaps it was their SUV that figuratively (as well as literally) drove them to the wilderness. As discussed below (SUV Ads in Outside Magazine), advertisements for SUVs in Outside magazine are set in the Great Outdoors 78.6% of the time, so it appears that the type of product advertised trumped the racial identity of the models appearing in the ad.

Outside: September 1999, p. 83
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