Here is the first of a three part series of advertisements for Tropicana orange juice that appeared in Outside magazine. Orange Juice is not a product that automatically demands an outdoor themed ad, but because this ad appears in Outside, the setting is understandable. Plus, the natural mountain surroundings and the obvious healthty look of the model reinforce that Tropicana orange juice is a natural product that promotes good health.
Outside: March 1998, p. 33
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This advertisement is also from Outside, and it also makes use of the Great Outdoors as a setting and features an outdoorsy model to promote the product. Both ads are designed to appeal to the target audience, outdoor enthusiasts, through direct identification with the models; young, adventurous, healthy, attractive, and most of all, white.
Outside: October 1999, p. 128
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In this third ad of the Tropicana series from Outside magazine, the tradition continues of using a young, attractive, and athletic male model to promote the product. Only this time the ad is not set in the Great Outdoors. The ad still has somewhat of a natural feel to it, with the green grass and the dog, but it definitely has more of an urban or suburban park feeling about it then do the two ads above. Gone are the mountains and the canyons, and gone are the white models.
Outside: August 2000, p. 39
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