This is the first of four examples of advertisements for sport utility vehicles (SUVs) taken from Outside magazine. Each one is representative of the type of SUV ads that typically appears in the magazine. The vehicle (in this case a Jeep Cherokee) is usually shown in the Great Outdoors and the text of the ad makes some sort of reference to just how far from the urban environment you can go. 78.6% of the ads for SUVs in Outside were of this type.
Outside: April 1998, p. 142
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Here is another example of an advertisement for an SUV that appeared in Outside magazine. Once again, the vehicle is pictured in the Great Outdoors (albeit a digitally created outdoors), and the text of the ad invites outdoor adventure. "How far would you wander if you knew there was always someone there if you needed help?" The implied answer is far away from the urban environment, especially with the security of the OnStar system, "Because sometimes the call of the wild turns into a call for help."
Outside: December 1998, p. 125
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Here is a third example of an advertisement for an SUV from Outside magazine. Although it appears that the vehicle is currently driving on a road (possibly a dirt road?), the surrounding forest and the caption reveal that it is headed for the Great Outdoors. "YOU'VE GOT THE WORLD BY THE TRAIL."
Outside: May 1998, p. 99
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In this fourth example from Outside magazine the SUV is once again shown in the Great Outdoors, presumably having been driven to this pristine and secluded location. Even though most SUVs are used as nothing more than modern day station wagons, taking the kids to soccer practice and carpooling to work, the SUV ads in Outside are designed to appeal to a fantasy. They may never actually be driven off-road, but just in case...
Outside: April 1998, p. 119
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