In this advertisement from Outside magazine, it is impossible to identify for certain either the sex or race for the model. In this case, both the sex and race would be coded as indeterminate. Outside had the highest percentage of models coded as "race indeterminate" (5.3%), primarily because of advertisements like this one. 2.1% of the models in Time and 0.8% of the models in Ebony were also coded as "race indeterminate." Advertisements with models where either the race or sex were indeterminate were excluded from statistical analysis regarding those characteristics.
Outside: November 2001, p. 103
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This advertisement from Ebony is an example of a collage ad with one central identity. In all three magazines there were examples of advertisements that featured many diverse models of all shapes and sizes. Often it appeared that a conscious effort was made to represent all racial and ethnic groups as well as both sexes. In many such ads there is no central character or dominant individual identity so the entire advertisement is coded as a "collage ad" and excluded from analysis. In cases such as the example shown, the central identity is coded (black, adult, male), but the other models are excluded. 0.9% of the ads in Ebony, 1.3% of the ads in Outside, and 1.3% of the ads in Time were excluded from analysis as collage ads.

Ebony: September 1995, p. 73
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This advertisement from Time is an example of a "large group ad," an advertisement that features a large group of people (more than four). In this case, the ad features eight members of the Zion Baptist Gospel Choir of Atlanta GA, four black males and four black females. However, it is the only ad in this particular issue of Time that features any black models. Counting each member of the choir separately would lead to the false impression that blacks were more heavily represented throughout the issue than they actually were. Therefore, for large group ads, only four people are coded.
Time: Mach 10, 1997, p. 52
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This advertisement from Ebony is another example of a "large group ad," only this time there are several different races depicted. Again though only four models are coded, starting with the furthest left model and proceeding to the right.

Ebony: November 1996, p. 11
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