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Timelines for
Designing Online Course

So how long will the process take from start to finish?  Here are some recommended timelines with benchmarks to keep you on track.

How much time do you need or rather how much time do you have?  Below are three links to different timelines depending on your schedule.

3 months  - fast pace (got to get it done)(PDF)

6 months - steady pace (recommended)(PDF)

9 months - slower pace (when you got the time)(PDF)

Each of these timelines are similar in strategy with benchmarks for the various time constraints.  The timeslines cover the different stages of development and include issues pertaining to communication, technology, design and pedagogy.

For questions, concerns or ideas, contact Melody Buckner at 626-9484 or

University of Arizona  .  Tucson, Arizona  .  520.626-9484