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Intellectual Property

"Intellectual Property" (sometimes called "IP") is a generic term that includes several distinct types of legal rights. These legal rights protect the results of creative and intellectual efforts (e.g., copyrights and patents) or certain types of business activities (e.g., trademark and trade secrets).
Intellectual Property - Fair Use Checklist

Fair Use

Fair Use permits the reasonable and limited use of copyrighted materials without obtaining the copyright owner's permission.  There are many misconceptions about Fair Use, so check out this document written by UA General Counsel.
What is Fair Use and how does it relate to me?

The Teach Act (Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization Act), 2002

     Copyright law provides educators with a separate set of rights in addition to fair use, to display (show) and perform (show or play) others' works in the classroom.  These rights are in Section 110(1) of the Copyright Act and appy to any work, regardless of the medium.
     The TEACH Act expands the scope of educators' rights to perform and display works and to make the copies integral to such performances and displays for digital distance education, making the rights closer to those we have in face-to-face teaching.
     However, there is still a considerable gap between what the statute authorizes for face-to-face teaching and for distance education.  As an example, an educator may show or perform any work related to the curriculum, regardless of the medium, face-to-face in the classroom, including still images, music and even music.  There are no limits and no permisssion required. However, under 110(1), the same educator would have to pare down some of those materials to show them to distance students.  Like the audiovisual works and dramatic music works may only be shown as clips (reasonable and limited portions).

UA Checklist on TEACH Act

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