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Online Course Development

So where do I begin...This is a question that many faculty ask when beginning the crossover from the traditional to the online classroom.

A good place to begin is a "checklist" of guidelines to consider when developing or revamping an online classroom.  The guidelines listed below are standards taken from the Quality Matters Rubric.

Course Development Guidelines

Learning Objectives refer to what the student is expected to learn or accomplish from the course, while learning outcomes refer to how the student performs on assessments for specific learning objectives.

  1. Are there clear instructions on how to get started in the course and how to navigate the course content? 
  2. Is there a statement introducing the student to the purpose of the course? 
  3. Is there a statement explaining expectations for course etiquette and technology requirements?
  4. Is there a statement explaining expectations for course schedule, communication and participation?
  5. Is there an instructor introduction and an opportunity for student interaction? 
  6. Are the assessments measureable and aligned with the learning objectives, activities and resources?
  7. Is the grading policy clearly stated and easy to understand?
  8. Do the instructional materials contribute to the student achieving the learning objectives?
  9. Do the technologies and media support the learning objectives and contain sufficient instructions for students to understand?
  10. Are there instructions on how to obtain technical support?
  11. Are there instructions on how students can access technical support and resources for ADA requirement?
  12. Is the course homepage branded with University of Arizona logo and your College/Department/School theme? 
Some of the items listed above may exist in a syllabus, however these guidelines must be integrated into the course.

Download a complete Online Course Development and Guidelines with full descriptions and examples.

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