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This page is a guide and resource for faculty interested in making the transition from the traditional classroom to the online classroom.

The University of Arizona is committed to expanding the online classroom experience to both faculty and students.  This website is designed to give faculty who are interested in developing online courses a place to begin the course development process. This website was also created to provide additional resources targeting seasoned faculty already teaching in the online classroom.

The menu on the left is to serve as a self-guided tour through resources for developing an online course.  For answers to any questions, please contact the following experts.

Course design assistance: Office of Instruction and Assessment, 520-621-7788

D2L Training: D2L Team, 520-626-6804

Quality Matters, course guidelines and timeline: Melody Buckner, 520-626-9484

University of Arizona  .  Tucson, Arizona  .  520.626-9484