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Academic Integrity and Ethics

For the lastest up-to-date information about Academic Integrity, go to the Academic Integrity Information Page located on the Dean of Students Office Website.

The code of Academic Integrity is the same for both traditional on campus course and distance online courses.  Select this link to obtain a PDF of the complete Code of Academic Integrity.

The Academic Intergrity principle is:
Integrity and ethical behavior are expected of every student in all academic work. This Academic Integrity principle stands for honesty in all class work, and ethical conduct in all labs and clinical assignments.

The Student Responsibility is:
Students engaging in academic dishonesty diminish their education and bring discredit to the academic community. Students shall not violate the Code of Academic Integrity and shall avoid situations likely to compromise academic integrity. Students shall observe the generally applicable provisions of this Code whether or not faculty members establish special rules of academic integrity for particular classes. Students are not excused from complying with this Code because of faculty members’ failure to prevent cheating.

The Faculty Responsibilty is:
Faculty members shall foster an expectation of academic integrity and shall notify students of their policy for the submission of academic work that has previously been submitted for academic advancement, as well as any special rules of academic integrity or discipline specific ethics established for a particular class or program (e.g., whether a faculty member permits collaboration on coursework; ethical requirements for lab and clinical assignments; etc.), and make every reasonable effort to avoid situations conducive to infractions of this Code.

For Academic Intergrity concerns or questions, please contact:
Kendal Washington White
Associate Dean of Students

University of Arizona  .  Tucson, Arizona  .  520.626-9484