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The Internet is full of fantastic resources about teaching online.  It can be a bit overwhelming. Below are a few gems that really hit the mark.

So You Want To Teach Online?
This online learning tool sponsored by the Ohio Board of Regents has modules that address these issues: your role as an instructor, copyright, online pedagogy and assessment.

10 Rules for Teaching in This Century
Some ideas to consider when transforming current teaching-centered practices to learning-centered practices using today's technology.

Teaching Online Podcast Series
This series contains information about teaching online in small sound bytes (less than 10 minutes).  To access you will need to have iTunes downloaded on your computer. Go to the iTunes store and search my full name: Melody Buckner.  My podcast series will appear.  

The Online Syllabus is included in this series and is a PowerPoint with audio lasting about 30 minutes.  This presentation discusses transforming your traditional syllabus to an online syllabus.

If you find any resources that would contribute to this page, please contact Melody Buckner (mbuckner@arizona.edu).

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