Principal Investigator

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Kevin J Anchukaitis
Associate Professor
School of Geography and Development
ENR2 Building, Office S514
1064 E Lowell Street
PO Box 210137
Tucson, AZ 85721-0137
phone: +1 520 626-8054

Kevin is a paleoclimatologist, dendrochronologist, and earth systems geographer specializing in the reconstruction and analysis of climate variability and change over the Common Era and the interaction between past climate and human society. He uses an array of techniques to develop and interpret evidence for past, present, and future climate dynamics across a range of temporal and spatial scales, from local to global and interannual to millennial. These include dendroclimatology, climate field reconstruction and spatiotemporal data analysis, stable isotopes, forward and numerical modeling of paleoclimate proxies, and the integration of paleoclimate data with General Circulation Modeling. His research program includes fieldwork throughout Asia and the Americas. At the University of Arizona he holds joint faculty appointments in Geosciences, the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, and the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Global Change.

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Postdoctoral Reseachers

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Bethany Coulthard
Ph.D., Geography
University of Victoria

Bethany specializes in the development and analysis of high-resolution paleoenvironmental (historical environmental) records, which she uses to interpret the impacts of climate change on earth’s hydroclimatology and forest vegetation. A principal goal of her work is to design studies that generate useful information for water, forest, and other resource managers, and policy-makers addressing climate change.

Bethany’s postdoctoral research uses tree-ring data to explore long-term interactions among precipitation, streamflow, drought, and forest primary productivity across the Mediterranean region. Her previous and ongoing research programs include assessing the unusualness of recent snowpack declines, streamflow drought, and glacier ice melt in western Canada; developing new methods for paleohydrology in underrepresented environments; assessing the impact of snowpack declines on forest vegetation in the Canadian Coast Mountains; and evaluating hazardous mass movement events related to climate change in the Canadian cordilleras. For more information please visit Bethany’s personal website at:

Graduate Students

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Jessie Pearl
Ph.D. student, Geosciences

Jessie received her B.S. in Geology from Tufts University with a double major in Environmental Studies. She was awarded the George Melendez Wright Climate Change Youth Initiative Scholarship and worked with the Nature Bridge initiative at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area prior to coming to the University of Arizona. Jessie's research uses Atlantic White Cedar trees from the northeastern United States to reconstruct past climate variability, sea level rise, and storm events. Jessie was a 2016 Carson Scholar. For more information please visit Jessie’s personal website at:

Research and Technical Staff

William Edward Wright
Research Specialist, Principal
Ph.D., University of Arizona
Kiyomi Morino
Research Specialist, Senior
Ph.D., University of Arizona

Former Lab Members

Daniel Griffin
Postdoctoral Fellow
Now Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Laura Fleming
Undergraduate Co-op Student
Now Graduate Student, MIT/WHOI Joint Program
Manuel Hernandez
SOARS Protege/WHOI Summer Student
Now Graduate Student, UNC