paleoCAMP: Paleoclimate Training in Climate Archives, Models, and Proxies

PaleoCAMP is a 2-week summer school for graduate students in paleoclimatology, hosted at a rotating location in the American West. The school’s mission is to provide vital cross-disciplinary training for the next generation of climate scientists, provide an optimal environment for networking and mentoring of rising stars in paleoclimatology, and promote diversity and inclusive practices in order to encourage retention of underrepresented groups in the Geosciences.

Past climates are a guide to what might happen in the future as anthropogenic emissions rise. At paleoCAMP we focus on the “big questions” that can be answered with the study of ancient climates, like climate sensitivity, ecosystem responses, and shifts in the hydrological cycle. Our pedagogy is deliberately “timescale agnostic”, recognizing that Earth system responses and feedbacks operate across a continuum of timescales.

More details are available at the paleoCAMP website. The first paleoCAMP took place in July 2022 in the eastern Sierra in California. Applications for summer 2023 will open again in mid-November 2022, when we'll again return to the eastern Sierra. paleoCAMP is funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation.