R.L. Breiger -- Selected Publications and Papers (2)

R.L. Breiger and Kyle Puetz, “Culture and Networks.” International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd. ed. (2015), 557-562. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger and David Melamed, “The Duality of Organizations and their Attributes: Turning Regression Modeling ‘Inside Out.’” Research in the Sociology of Organizations 40 (2014): 261-274.  Table of Contents. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger, Eric Schoon, David Melamed, Victor Asal, and R. Karl Rethemeyer. “Comparative configurational analysis as a two-mode network problem: A study of terrorist group engagement in the drug trade.” Social Networks 36 (2014): 23-39. Click to read.

John W. Mohr, Robin Wagner-Pacifici, R.L. Breiger, and Petko Bogdanov. “Graphing the grammar of motives in U.S. National Security Strategies: Cultural interpretation, automated text analysis and the drama of global politics.” Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media, and the Arts 41 (2013): 670-700. Click to read.

Barbara J. Mills, Jeffrey J. Clark, Matthew A. Peeples, W.R. Haas, Jr., J.M. Roberts, Jr., J.B. Hill, D.L. Huntley, L. Borck, R.L. Breiger, A. Clauset, and M.S. Shackley, “Transformation of social networks in the late pre-Hispanic US Southwest.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA [PNAS] 110 (15): 5785-5790 (2013). Click to read. Or, read the full text and supporting information [17 pages].

Barbara J. Mills, John M. Roberts, Jeffery J. Clark, William R. Haas Jr., Deborah Huntley, Matthew A. Peeples, Lewis Borck, Susan C. Ryan, Meaghan Trowbridge and Ronald L. Breiger, “The Dynamics of Social Networks in the Late Prehispanic U.S. Southwest.” In Carl Knappett (ed.), Network Analysis in Archaeology: New Approaches to Regional Integration. Oxford University Press, 2013, 181-202. More information.


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David Melamed, R.L. Breiger, and A. Joseph West, “Community structure in multi-mode networks: Applying an eigenspectrum approach.” Connections 33 (1), 2013: 18-23. Click to read.

Take a look at this beautiful special issue of Archaeology Southwest Magazine [includes links to videos] on the Southwest Social Networks Project that led to publications including the two listed above. (And there’s more here and here.)