R.L. Breiger -- Selected Publications and Papers (3)

Barbara J. Mills, John M. Roberts, Jeffery J. Clark, William R. Haas Jr., Deborah Huntley, Matthew A. Peeples, Lewis Borck, Susan C. Ryan, Meaghan Trowbridge and Ronald L. Breiger, “The Dynamics of Social Networks in the Late Prehispanic U.S. Southwest.” In Carl Knappett (ed.), Network Analysis in Archaeology: New Approaches to Regional Integration. Oxford University Press, 2013, 181-202. More information.

David Melamed, R.L. Breiger, and A. Joseph West, “Community structure in multi-mode networks: Applying an eigenspectrum approach.” Connections 33 (1), 2013: 18-23. Click to read.

Ray-May Hsung and R.L. Breiger, “Similarities and Differences in Relation-Specific Social Resources among Three Societies: Taiwan, China, and the United States.” In Nan Lin, Yang-chih Fu, and Chih-jou Jay Chen (eds.), Social Capital and its Institutional Contingency: A Study of the United States, China, and Taiwan. New York: Routledge, 2013, 83-98. More information.

David Melamed, R.L. Breiger, and Eric Schoon, “The Duality of Clusters and Statistical Interactions.” Sociological Methods & Research 42 (2013): 41-59.  Click to read.

David Melamed, Eric Schoon, R.L. Breiger, V. Asal, and R.K. Rethemeyer, “Using Organizational Similarity to Identify Statistical Interactions for Improving Situational Awareness of CBRN Activities.” Pp. 61-68 In S.J. Yang, A.M. Greenberg, and M. Endsley (eds.), Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, and Prediction. Springer (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7227), 2012, 61-68. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger, Gary A. Ackerman, Victor Asal, David Melamed, H.Brinton Milward, R.Karl Rethemeyer, Eric Schoon, “Application of a Profile Similarity Methodology for Identifying Terrorist Groups that Use or Pursue CBRN Weapons.” In J. Salerno, S.J. Yang, D. Nau, S.-K. Chai (eds.), Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, and Prediction. Springer (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6589), 2011, 26-33. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger, “ Baruch Spinoza: Monism and Complementarity.” In Chirstofer Edling and Jens Rydgren (eds.), Sociological Insights of Great Thinkers: Sociology Through Literature, Philosophy, and Science. Praeger, 2011, 255-262. More information.


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R.L. Breiger, “Dualities of Culture and Structure: Seeing through Cultural Holes.” Pp. 37-47 In Jan Fuhse and Sophie Mützel (eds.), Relationale Soziologie: Zur kulturellen Wende der Netzwerkforschung [Relational Sociology: The Cultural Turn in Network Research]. VS Verlag, 2010, 37-47. Click to read.