R.L. Breiger -- Selected Publications and Papers (1)

Meltem Odabas, Thomas J. Holt, and R.L. Breiger. "Governance in Online Stolen Data Markets." In Jens Beckert and Matias Dewey (eds.), The Architecture of Illegal Markets: Toward an Economic Sociology of Illegality in the Economy. New York: Oxford University Press (2017). More information.

Matthew Dabkowski, Neng Fan, and R.L. Breiger, "Exploratory Block- modeling for One-Mode, Unsigned, Deterministic Networks using Integer Programming and Structural Equivalence." Social Networks 47 (October 2016): 93-106. Click to read.

Qingpeng Zhang, Daniel Dajun Zeng, Fei-Yue Wang, R.L. Breiger, and James A Hendler, "Brokers or Bridges? Exploring Structural Holes in a Crowdsourcing System." IEEE Computer 49 (June 2016): 56-64. Click to read.

Ronald Breiger, Lauren Pinson, and Gary Ackerman, "From Factors to Actors: Enhancing the Reliability of CBRN Analysis." CBRNe World magazine (April 2016): 30-37. Click to read.

John W. Mohr, Ronald L. Breiger, and Robin Wagner-Pacifici (eds.). Conceiving the Social with Big Data: A Symposium of Social and Cultural Scientists, special issue of Big Data & Society 2(2) (2015). Click for Table of Contents.


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Robin Wagner-Pacifici, John W. Mohr, and R.L. Breiger. "Ontologies, methodologies, and new uses of Big Data in the social and cultural sciences." Big Data & Society 2(2) (2015). Click to read.

R.L. Breiger. "Scaling Down." Big Data & Society 2(2) (2015). Click to read.

John W. Mohr, Robin Wagner-Pacifici, and R.L. Breiger. "Toward a Computational Hermeneutics." Big Data & Society 2(2) (2015). Click to read.

Matthew Dabkowski, R.L. Breiger, and Ferenc Szidarovszky, “Simuntaneous-Direct Blockmodeling for Multiple Relations in Pajek.” Social Networks 40 (2015): 1-16. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger and Lauren Pinson. "A New Approach for Identification of Multiple Threat Scenarios to Counter CBRN Networks." In Luke M. Gerdes (ed.), Illuminating Dark Networks: The Study of Clandestine Groups and Organizations. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015, 157-70. (Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences series) More information.

Ronald L. Breiger. Explorations in Structural Analysis (RLE

Social Theory): Dual and Multiple Networks of Social

Interaction. New York: Routledge, 2015 (first published

1991); paperback ed., 2016. More information.