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Ronald Breiger, Kathleen Carley, and Philippa Pattison (editors), Dynamic Social Network Modeling and Analysis: Workshop Summary and Papers.  National Academy of Sciences / National Research Council, Committee on Human Factors.  Washington, DC: National Academies Press, 2003.  

Read the book online.   Read reviews by Sandra Gonzalez and by John Skvoretz.

Breiger, Carley, and Pattison, "Workshop Summary," ibid., pp. 1-14. Read it online.

R.L. Breiger, "“Emergent Themes in Social Network Analysis: Results, Challenges, Opportunities,” ibid., pp. 19-35. Read it online.

R.L. Breiger, “Ethical Dilemmas in Social Network Research: Introduction to Special Issue.” Social Networks 27 / 2 (2005): 89 - 93. Click to read. Special issue table of contents.

R.L. Breiger and John W. Mohr, “Institutional Logics from the Aggregation of Organizational Networks: Operational Procedures for the Analysis of Counted Data.”  Computational & Mathematical Organization Theory 10 (2004): 17–43. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger y John W. Mohr (traducción: Isidro Maya Jariego), “La dualidad y la agregación de categorías sociales.” REDES – Revista Hispana para el Análysis de Redes Sociales, 5 (2004).  Click to read.

John Sonnett and Ronald Breiger, "How Relational Methods Matter." Culture 19:1 (2004): 1, 8-10.  Click to read. Read Andrew Perrin’s Reply.

Yanjie Bian, Ronald Breiger, Deborah Davis, and Joseph Galaskiewicz, “Occupation, Class, and Social Networks in Urban China.” Social Forces 83 (2005): 1443-1468. Click to read.

Chinese-language version of Bian et al., in Jean Hung and Hsin-chi Kuan (eds.), Studies on the Beginning of 21st Century China by Chinese and Western Scholars. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press (2009), pp. 395-417. More information.

R.L. Breiger, “Culture and Classification in Markets: An Introduction.” Poetics 33 (2005): 157-162. Click to read.