R.L. Breiger -- Selected Publications and Papers (6)

David Stark, Szabolcs Kemeny, and R.L. Breiger, “Postsocialist Portfolios: Network Strategies in the Shadow of the State.” manuscript in pdf format  Published in the Hungarian journal Közgazdasági Szemle, 47 (2000): 393-405 (Part I) and 47 (2000): 430-445 (Part II). Read English version.

Philippa E. Pattison and R.L. Breiger, “Lattices and Dimensional Representations: Matrix Decompositions and Ordering Structures.” Social Networks 24 (2002): 423-444. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger, “Poststructuralism in Organizational Studies.” Research in the Sociology of Organizations 19 (2002): 295-305. (Volume on Social Structure and Organizations Revisited, edited by Michael Lounsbury and Marc J. Ventresca.) Click to read.

R.L. Breiger, “Writing (and Quantifying) Sociology.” In Jonathan Monroe, ed., Writing and Revising the Disciplines. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2002, 90-112. page proofs in pdf format.

R.L. Breiger (traducción: Narciso Pizarro), “Control social y redes sociales: Un modelo a partir de Georg Simmel.”  Política y Sociedad 33 (2000), 57 - 72. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger, "A Tool Kit for Practice Theory." Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts 27 (2000): 91-115. Click to read.


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R.L. Breiger, “Social Structure and the Phenomenology of Attainment.” Annual Review of Sociology 21 (1995): 115-136. Click to read.

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Shin-Kap Han and R.L. Breiger, "Dimensions of Corporate Social Capital: Toward Models and Measures." In Roger Th.A.J. Leenders and Shaul M. Gabbay, eds., Corporate Social Capital and Liability. Boston: Kluwer, 1999, 118-133. Click to read.

R.L. Breiger and John M. Roberts, Jr., "Solidarity and Social Networks." In Patrick Doreian and Thomas Fararo, eds., The Problem of Solidarity: Theory and Models. Amsterdam: Gordon and Breach, 1998, 239-262. Click to read.