How I Dunnit!

Hardware Tools

Mac 7600, pile of memory, upgraded to a 300 mhz G3
Two old 17" monitors borrowed from work
Mac OS 8.6, one 9 gig, one 4 gig and one 2 gig HDD
A Wacom 4x5 tablet won in a hotly contested E-bay auction
Umax Astra 610 scanner
Powerbook 540c,32 mb memory (alas no upgrades)

Software Tools

Strata Studio Pro 2.5.3 for 3D
Adobe Photoshop
BBEdit Light 4.1
Aldus Superpaint 2.0

Able assistants

Koi the merciless
Domino the annoying
Bonnie the wet nose
Cicely the insistent

Tool gif's stolen from Harbor Freight Tools Fine vendors of cheap imported tools