Name: Domino

Age: 4 years

Domino is the most recent addition to the household; our neighbor's cat had kittens, and somehow we ended up with one.

Domino is somewhat strange, almost a split personality, it seems. During the daytime, she is a picture of the fraidy-cat, running into hiding at the slightest noise, the sudden appearence of anything new, and sometimes, at things only she can hear or see. This leads to her nickname "Waaaak!" which is a cartoon version of exactly what she does on the smooth floors in our house. Ever seen a cartoon character run in place....?

But a night time things are different. Get up in the middle of the night, and Domino will run over and insist that you pet her, wrestle with Buckethead and generally race around like completely different cat.

Obviously we haven't quite figured her out yet.