Name: Koi

Age: 8 years

Koi, so named for her extravagant patches of colors and stripes (she has stripes on her side that change color as a patch of brown crosses over them) literally wandered into our life through the front door one morning.

She was approximately 6 weeks old, and the vet estimated that she'd been on her own for at least a week. She probably fed herself on dog food left over in neighbors back yards, and she was incredibly weak, thin, matted, had fleas and earmites. She was als o utterly fearless, toddling right up to and past Bonnie when she came in, right to the dog food bowl, where she started eating.

For two weeks we nursed her back to health, and she has blossomed into a determined troublemaker...if something happens in this house, you can be sure that Koi has had a paw in it somewhere. She simply relies on her incredibly high cuteness quotient to ge t her out of jams, and boogieing for deep cover under the bed when that doesn't work.

Due to her friendliness with Cicely and Bonnie she has the run of the entire house, and is usually found demanding her fair share of attention (all of it) from the humans