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Photo by Kathleen Schaefer, Pup Art


My name is Aspen and I am a Norwegian Elkhound. I live in Tucson, AZ with my mom and dad, 2 doggie brothers, Duke and Buddy, and 2 kitties, Ginger and Scruffy. Some of my favorite games are chase, fetch (if the price is right), chewing on Buddy, and playing with my toys. I especially like to chase Ginger because she runs away and doesn't hiss at me like that mean old Scruffy.

My mom likes to do agility, so we go to class every week and sometimes to shows. It is really fun because I get lots of treats for doing what my mom wants me to do. But, sometimes she isn't very good about telling me what that is. If I don't understand, I just stop and wait until my mom says something I do understand. Then I do it and get treats!

One of the shows we went to was something called the Elkhound National Specialty. I guess it was special because I was there! My mom says I'm a princess and that I'm very special. We drove a long way (it took 2 days) and stayed at a hotel. We got to do agility and obedience while we were there. My mom was really proud of me for getting some ribbons. I won 2nd place in Open Standard agility (my brother, Duke, got 1st), 4th place in Rally Obedience, and 3rd place in Brace Obedience with my brother, Duke. Here is a picture of me with the judge, my mom, and my ribbon for 2nd place in Open Standard.


Here are a few more pictures of me. I hope you like them.

Photo by Tien Tran.




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