NADAC - North American Dog Agility Council

        NAC - Novice Agility Certificate
        NJC - Novice Jumpers Certificate
        NGC - Novice Gamblers Certificate

        OAC- Open Agility Certificate
        OJC - Open Jumpers Certificate
        OGC - Open Gamblers Certificate

        EAC - Elite Agility Certificate
        EJC - Elite Jumpers Certificate
        EGC - Elite Gamblers Certificate

        TN - Tunnelers Certificate
        TG - Touch and Go Certificate
        WV - Weavers Certificate
        N, O, or E following these titles indicates Novice, Open or Elite, respectively.

        NATCH - NADAC Agility Trial Champion

O added to the beginning of any title = Outstanding Performance
S added to the beginning of any title = Superior Performance
V added to the end of any title = Veteran (dog 7 years or older or handler 60 years or older)


AKC - American Kennel Club

        NA - Novice Agility
        NAJ - Novice Jumpers with Weaves

        OA - Open Agility
        OAJ - Open Jumpers with Weaves

        AX - Agility Excellent
        AXJ - Excellent Jumpers with Weaves

        MX - Master Agility Excellent
        MXJ - Master Excellent Jumpers with Weaves

        MACH - Master Agility Champion


USDAA - United States Dog Agility Association

Championship Program

        AD - Agility Dog

        AAD - Advanced Agility Dog

        MAD - Master Agility Dog

        ADCH - Agility Dog Champion

Performance Program

        PDI - Performance Dog I

        PDII - Performance Dog II

        PDIII - Performance Dog III

        APD - Accomplished Performance Dog