Richard has taught at the University of Arizona since 1991. He teaches a variety of courses in philosophy of science, including philosophy of biology and physics. For descriptions of courses Prof. Healey regularly teaches, click the links on the left.

philosophy of science

Course Description

Purposes of This Course

• To introduce the philosophy of science

• To get you to think critically about science

• To teach some influential views of science

• To improve the way you express yourself orally and in writing.

Contrary to the impression you may have received from science courses, science is not just a bunch of carefully accumulated proven facts. The scientific endeavor is like a great mystery story, with many false leads and mistaken hypotheses. Even the greatest scientists were often wrong, even in what are rightly considered their most significant contributions! We'll focus on the process of scientific inquiry, not its products.

What is philosophy of science?

• The analysis and appraisal of the aims, methods, content and implications of the sciences