DMDX Help.

Chain Keyword

<Chain text>

    Parameter and switch to chain another item file. text is interpreted to be an itemfile in the same directory as the current itemfile, if no extension is provided .rtf is appended to the name. If another directory is desired a path relative the current itemfile's path must be used.

    The new item file will not be executed until the current item file finishes or terminates with the <Last Frame> keyword. All devices are closed and the new item file is run as if it had been run manually thus allowing changes in input devices and display resolution. Use of the Subject ID is highly recommended as tracking a subject's data across data files could be challenging otherwise.

    Note, use of <SkipDisplay> in a last frame item prior to version of DMDX would result in the job being aborted and any data not being saved.  This has now been rectified.

    Also note that between item files DMDX is going to shut the screen down and some displays will either flick back to the desktop or the DMDX dialog display momentarily, not much we can do about that.  But some other displays switch back to a previous item's display and here we can actually do something.  Putting an <EraseAll> in the last frame will clear all the back buffers (that have previous item's displays still in them) and fixes the problem because even if the video drivers display another buffer at least it will be blank (or the last item's display).


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