Arizona Math Camp 2021
University of Arizona Economics Department
Online Course, June 7 - July 23

Syllabus     Lecture Notes     Exercises     Exams

Professor: Mark Walker.

Teaching Assistant: Risheng Xu.

  Mathematics for Economists , by Carl Simon & Lawrence Blume
      (W.W. Norton 1994;   ISBN 978-0393957334 Hardbound;   ISBN 978-0393117523 Paperbound).
  Book of Proof , by Richard Hammack
      (Richard Hammack 2013;   ISBN 978-0989472104)
      Available as pdf at   Paperback available from Amazon.

Optional Additional Books:
  A First Course in Optimization, by Rangarajan Sundaram
      (Cambridge University Press 1996;   ISBN 978-0521497190 Hardbound;   ISBN 978-0521497701 Paperbound).
  Mathematical Methods and Models for Economists, by Angel de la Fuente
      (Cambridge University Press 2000;   ISBN 0-521-58512-0 Hardbound;   ISBN 978-0521585293 Paperbound).

    Lectures are available on YouTube at the ArizonaMathCamp channel.   See the lecture schedule below.

Exercises, Final Exam, and Course Grade:
    Exercises are assigned at the end of each week.
    There is a Final Exam at the end of the course.
    Your course grade will be determined by your performance on the final exam;
        if your performance on the exercises is strong, that will be taken into account as well.
    Sample exams from prior years, with solutions, are available at the Exams link above.

Lecture Schedule:
    Week 1: Lectures  1-10 (Foundations, Logic, and Proofs; Euclidean Space)
    Week 2: Lectures 11-17 (Vector Spaces, Convexity, Concave Functions)
    Week 3: Lectures 18-23 (Real Analysis)
    Week 4: Lectures 24-29 (Foundations for Optimization)
    Week 5: Lectures 30-36 (Optimization)
    Week 6: Lectures 37-40 (Optimization) Mark Walker's Home Page