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Welcome to our Home Page. Use the page to explore sources and information on the WWW. I have selected several sites related to the course materials. I hope you will regularly check our Home Page and check out the abundance of information available
on the worldwide web.

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A copy of the syllabus is availablePol452 Syllabus

Every week, I will post a page with questions related to the readings. Please use the questions to participate in our class discussions. Here is the exam.

Links to European Union organizations and information on Europe

European Union (A to Z directory of all EU institutions)

European Commission
European Parliament
Washington Delegation ( EU Delegation in DC)
European Central Bank
European Union Studies Association (professional organization organizes conferences, publishes newsletter)
Univ. of Washington (organized by topic and has links to women, immigration, political parties, EMU)
West European Studies (Pittsburgh) (access to Center for European Studies and EU Center)
Tufts University Web Site (more extensive than what is listed here)
Governments of Europe - Documents  (access to all official European government sites)
European University Institute (EU archives at EUI  in Italy)
EU Online Resource Guide (at UNC, schematic discussion of EU policy areas and institutions)
Newspaper Resources (at UNC, collection of all the major European newspapers and other links)
Link to Pol242 Home Page (check out my other home page)

"Fun Sites"

European Anthem
Audiovisual Presentation of Current Events



Get all the news from Europe


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