The Word Maze Game

In this experiment, you must follow a sentence through a “maze”. You will see two words at a time, and one of the words will be the correct word that continues the sentence. You can only reach the end of the sentence by selecting the correct word at each step.


The correct selections would be:


The rain fell silently

•  At each step you can make your selection by pressing one of two buttons . Press the button on the left if you want to select the word on the left. Press the button on the right if you want to select the word on the right.

  •  Try to respond as quickly as possible without making too many errors.

  •  If you do make an error, the computer will tell you, and will stop the sentence at that point. You will be asked to go on to the next sentence.

•  If you make it to the end of the sentence, the computer will tell you that you were correct.

•  You will be given some practice sentences so you can get used to the procedure.







Thank you!