Kathleen C. Schwartzman
Associate Professor 

Phone:   520-621-1883
Fax:       520-621-9875
email: kcs@u.arizona.edu

Research Interests:
  Political Sociology, Economic Development, Immigration

Selected Publications:

An Outrageous Proposal--A WPA for Hurricane Cleanup and Reconstruction

Election 2008: The Presidential Campaign and the Irony of NAFTA

Lettuce, Segmented Labor Market, and the Immigration Discourse


Vol. XII,  No. 2                          December 2006

Globalization from a World System Perspective:
A New Phase in the Core--A New Destiny for
Brazil and the Semiperiphery?

  Globalization: The New Mechanism of Dependency


        Volume 24                                                        1999                   

Globalization and Democracy  

Vol. 27,  No. 1                   (Summer) 1999

  What Caused the Collapse of Apartheid?

 Vol. 43,  No. 2                     Summer 2001

Can International Boycotts Transform Political
Systems? The Cases of Cuba and South Africa



Vol. 9, Numbers 1 and 2            2001 
Globalization Hits Lisbon: The Rise of Banks from 1970 to 2000


Vol. XVIII,  No. 4                    Fall 1995

The Historical and Global Nature
of Dependent Development

A Time Series Analysis of Brazil and Mexico, 1901-80