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Center for Digital Storytelling: Listen Deeply, Tell Stories

Center for Digital Storytelling (cen·ter for dig·i·tal sto·ry·tell·ing)
The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) is an international non-profit training, project development, and research organization dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives. Our focus is on building partnerships with community, educational, and business institutions to develop large-scale initiatives in health, social services, education, historic and cultural preservation, community development, human rights, and environmental justice arenas, using methods and principles adapted from our original Digital Storytelling Workshop.

Whose Agenda Is It, Anyway? Documentary Burdens, Community Benefits

"In the end, how we understand the nature of community itself may be influenced deeply by the many interactions at the core of documentary work. From research and preservation projects—such as Behind the Veil: Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow South, which gives light to the monumental efforts made by African Americans to build their own communities and institutions during that oppressive period in the nation's history—to educational programs in documentary studies that create communities of practitioners to documentary projects that engage people in the collaborative dance of pursuing individual and shared goals, the documentary process can advance collective principles that both define and serve communities. Sharing these ideas, and putting them into practice, turns the documentary process into a crucible for real change in community life, both in the present and, over time, leading into a markedly different future."

Slum TV

The "Place: Vision and Voice" Program - Power, Authenticity, and Ethics

"And what is more, if we have done our job appropriately, people will question the aesthetic, the process and the final product — how frustrating and frightening and, hopefully, how glorious. In the end, community-based practice reconfigures the artist-artwork-audience equation, spinning it from monologue into dialogue. There is, though, quite a lot of inherent risk in this undertaking, when art moves off the stage and into the "place" — particularly with regard to young people — making it can become a high-stakes issue."


"Re-mixing the web for social change."

Strategic Storytelling & Social Innovation

Access Tucson

"Access Tucson joins the community every day to educate, inform, and promote public dialogue through cable television."


A virtual resource.

National Association of Latino/a Independent Producers / NALIP

Center for New Words

Where women's words matter...

The Center for New Words is dedicated to a simple mission:

To use the power and creativity of words and ideas to strengthen the voice of progressive and marginalized women in society. International Media New Link for International Media Delete International Media

The People Speak

"The People Speak is a campaign to engage young people on the global issues that will shape their future. We inspire young people to be innovators and leaders in the world."

One World TV

OneWorldTV is a unique public platform for filmmakers, video journalists, NGO's and just about anyone with a video camera and an interest in social issues. It gives you the opportunity to access video messages and short films from around the world. Anyone with access to a camera and computer can contribute their films.

Pan Left Productions

Pan Left is local a membership-driven collective of progressive artists. Their mission is threefold: to create and distribute videos —nonfiction, documentary, narrative & experimental— that educate and expose viewers to social, political and cultural issues; to promote do-it-yourself media and creative expression through video and other media arts; to provide an outlet for creative, artistic expression and dialogue.

Professor Adela C. Licona


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