The journal Lymphology, the official organ of the Society, is published quarterly under the Chief Editorship of Marlys H. Witte, M.D., Arizona Health Sciences Center, Department of Surgery (GS&T), P.O. Box 245200, Tucson, Arizona 85724-5200, USA. The journal contains original articles, editorials, abstracts, and information regarding the Society. It publishes papers and special symposia dealing with clinical and basic studies of the lymphatic system and related fields. Original ideas, bold hypotheses, historical reflections, and exciting observations are printed in the column "Lymphspiration".

Honorary Editor in Chief: C.L. Witte, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Editor: M.H. Witte, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Co-Editors: C. Campisi, Genoa, Italy; L. Clodius, Zürich, Switzerland; A. Pecking, St. Cloud, France

Executive Editor: M. Bernas, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Institutional/individual subscription rate is $75 UA per year. Supplements (Proceedings of the International Congresses of Lymphology) to the journal are not included in the yearly subscription rate. Subscription is included with membership in the International Society of Lymphology. Subscriptions will be considered renewed for one subsequent year unless terminated prior to the first of December. The Journal contains original articles, editorials, abstracts and information regarding the International Society of Lymphology. It seeks original papers dealing with clinical and basic studies of the lymphatic system including related fields. Articles are accepted for publication on the condition that they are contributed to Lymphology only and that no substantial part has been or will be published elsewhere. The general style of the manuscript should be in accordance with Style Manual for Biological Journals, 2nd Ed., published by the American Institute of Biological Sciences, 2000 P Street, N.W., Washington, DC, USA, 20036.

Form and Style

We encourage authors to submit manuscripts via e-mail to When submitting by e-mail, print mail address and telephone and fax numbers also should be included. Black and white images (photographs, line drawings, graphs etc.) should be saved and supplied as: TIFF, GIF, or high quality JPEG files to a minimum of 300 dpi. ALL IMAGES SHOULD BE SUBMITTED AS SEPARATE FILES AND NOT EMBEDDED IN THE MANUSCRIPT TEXT. Manuscripts submitted by e-mail should not also be submitted by mail or fax unless requested by Editorial Office. The first page of the manuscript should present the title of the paper, name of author(s), highest academic degree and the name of the department and institution in which the work was done.

When submitting by mail, one original and two copies of the manuscript should be submitted including text pages, legends, tables and references. Typed double-spaced on 8½"x11" typewritten paper with margins of 1½" or more. Two glossy prints of each figure should be included–xerox prints are not acceptable. Legends should be typed double-spaced on a separate page. A CD or floppy disk should be included with word processing program indicated on label.


The abstract should precede the first page of the text and contain no more than 200 words.


References should be numbered consecutively as they appear in the text and names of up to three authors are requested after which "et al" is preferred.

Sample arrangement:

Article: Miller, RA, OH Smith: Lymphocyte function. New Engl. J. Med. 253 (1965), 72.

Book: Allen, EV, NW Barker, EW Hines: Peripheral Vascular Disease. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1955.


Standard abbreviations should be used consistently. Unusual or coined abbreviations should be spelled out the first time in the text with the abbreviation following in parenthesis.


Tables should be typed on separate pages and numbered with arabic numerals. A brief title should follow the table number. All unusual units of measurement, acronyms and abbreviations should be explained in a legend at the bottom of the table.

Page Charges

Members of the ISL in good standing may publish free of charge subject to peer review and Editorial Board acceptance. Non-members of the ISL will be assessed $35/page (pre-paid) for publication of accepted articles. Authors may estimate that two type-written pages will approximate one non-illustrated printed journal page.


30 tear-sheet copies of the original article are supplied free. Additional reprints (the exact number) should be requested separately and the cost quoted must be prepaid to the Tucson Office (CLW).

Address inquires and manuscripts to:

Marlys H. Witte, M.D., Arizona Health Sciences Center, Department of Surgery (GS&T), P.O. Box 245063, Tucson, AZ 85724-5063, USA, Telephone (520) 626-6118, FAX (520) 626-0822, e-mail LYMPHOLOGY 

Corradino Campisi, M.D., OSP. San Martino- University of Genoa, Department of General and Emergency Surgery, Lymphology and Microsurgery Center, V. Le Benedetto XV, 10, 16132 Genoa, ITALY, Telephone: 39-10-3537 297, FAX 39-10-811465.

Leo Clodius, M.D., Seefeldstrasse 4, CH-8008, Zürich, SWITZERLAND, Telephone (011) 41-1-252-5522, FAX (011) 41-1-252-5523.

Alain P. Pecking, M.D., Nuclear Medicine, Centre René Huguenin, 35, rue Dailly, 92211 Saint-Cloud, FRANCE, Telephone (011) 33-1-47-11-1515, FAX (011) 33-1-46-02-08-20.

Special Features


Original ideas, bold hypotheses, historical reflections and exciting observations relating to lymphology.


Forceful viewpoints on issues germane to lymphology will be considered for publication. These editorials may be solicited or non-solicited but must be signed.


Original lymphangiograms or other images of the lymphatic system of special interest. No more than three figures accompanied by brief clinical summary of presentation, image interpretation, subsequent diagnosis and treatment.

Letters to the Editor

Correspondence pertaining to articles which have appeared in Lymphology or other issues of lymphologic interest. No more than 300 words is preferred.

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