Wayne Coates

Professor Emeritus


New Crop Development:  All aspects from planting test plots, developing equipment for field operations, processing, through commercialization.
     Example crops: chia, guayule, lesquerella, kenaf, vernonia, salicornia, hesperaloe, jojoba, etc.
Mechanization:  Equipment development for new crops, extensive testing and development experience with tillage systems, spraying systems and forage systems.
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Later Research and Development Program
Previous Research Activities at the UofA

   Curriculum Vitae

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Previous Professional Work

International experience:   Middle East, Central and South America, primarily related to new crop introduction and commercialization.    


Wayne Coates

            1341 Mahogany Court

            Cheyenne Wyoming   82009

                phone 307-632-3571

                email:  wcoates@email.arizona.edu

       Jojoba Harvester

  Photos from a few projects can be seen here
Photos from essentially all projects along with project descriptions and relevant publications can be seen here