Lessons In Persian

Drills available for PRS 101 at the University of Arizona

Let's Learn Persian - An introductory lesson to the Persian language by Farhangsara.com

Aamozesh Farsi - Persian script and pronunciation

Easy Persian - Free Online Persian Language Lessons

IL&S - Lessons in Persian for children and beginners

Learn to Speak Farsi - Use Latin-based phonetic alphabet.

Persian for Traveling - Traveler's Guide to Persian for Traveling

Iranian Languages and Scripts - "A unique website on the ancient and modern Iranian languages and alphabets..." A comprehensive site on the languages and scripts in Iran, with links to dictionaries, reading material (for all levels) as well as fonts and alternative scripts.

Teaching and Learning Persian Forums - Sponsored by the Arizona Persian Page

IRIB Worldservice - Learn Persian in other languages

Persian for Travelers - A guide to conversational Persian

Farsi in One Page!- 75 lessons, including the alphabet, grammer, cultur, and drills.

Persian Studies - The University of Texas at Austin, offering Audio, Video, e-Stories, Songs, References, Poetry, etc.

Houshang Morādi-Kermāni's - Persian children's story by Houshang Moradi Kermani for language learners. It works with WinXP + Internet Explorer or Firefox, and OS X + Firefox only.

Persian Grammar - Author Ann K Lambton. Provided by Cambridge University Press through the Google Books Partner Program

Persian Language Education - Alphabet, grammar, vocabulary, and tips for teaching.

Lesson 8 - For the sound files of some of the drills in Modern Persian: Spoken and Written.

PersianNotes.com - A website for advanced students of the Persian language and dialects.

Modern Persian Spoken and Written - Lessons, Readings and Dialogues for Persian Language at Princeton University.

Virtual Persian - A simple online tutorial for learning Persian