Language Textbooks and CD-Roms
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Available Language Books

Abu Mahbud.Sakht-i zaban-i Farsi. Tehran: Nashr-i Mitra, 1996.

Donald L. Stillo, Kamran Talattof, and Jerome W. Clinton.Modern Persian: Spoken and Written (An Elementary Text). New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004.

Hillman, Michael Craig and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami, eds. Persian fiction reader. Springfield, VA : Dunwoody Press, 2000.

Hillmann, Michael C. Elementary modern Persian. Tehran, Iran : American Peace Corps, 1972.

Hillmann, Michael C. Persian newspaper reader. Springfield, VA : Dunwoody Press, 2000.

Hillmann, Michael C. Persian vocabulary acquisition : an intermediate reader and guide to word forms and the Arabic element in Persian. Springfield, VA : Dunwoody Press, 2002.

Iraj Bashiri. Persian for beginners. Farsi. Mineapolis: Manor House, 1975

Ahmad Saffar Moqadam. Farsi-e Omumi. Tehran: Shora-ye Gostaresh-e Zaban
Va Adabiyat-e Farsi, 1998

Ashari, Mohammad. Amuzesh-e Zaban-e Farsi Beh Farsi. Tehran: Monir, 1996.

Levy, Reuben. The Persian Language. London, New York: Hutchinson's University Library, 1951.

Purnamdariyan, Taqi. Dars-I Farsi Bara-te Amuzan-e Khareji. Tehran: Pazhuheshgah, 1997.

Samareh, Yadullah. Faragiri Zaban Farsi (AZFA). Tehran: Virzarat-e Farhang, 1988.

Shakibi Gilani, Jami. Persian language in phonetic alphabet : an introductory course for foreigners. Shemiran, Iran: Babylonia Language and Translation Center, Inc., 1992.

Yamini Sharif, 'Abbas. Farsi, zaban-i Iran. Tehran: Ravish-i Naw, 1995.

Windfuhr, Gernot. Modern Persian, elementary level. Ann Arbor : Dept. of
Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan, 1979.

Mansoor Motaghed. LEARN PERSIAN: A Simplified Method to Learn Persian - A NEW Persian Textbook with two audio tapes.

Thackston, W M. An Introduction to Persian (Bethesda, Md.: Iranbooks, 1993) Teaching Mission in a Global Context

Available Language CD-Roms

CD-ROM by M. R. Ghanoonparvar and Khorrami
CD-ROM Persian for Beginners
Available for purchase by email.
Mehdi Khorrami-

CD-ROM by The National Foreign Language Resource Center (Hawaii and Ohio):
"Arus". 2 1/2 hour long interactive video on CD-ROM by the Federal Language Training Lab (FLTL) in Arlington

CD-ROM for proficiency levels of 2/2 and higher - Developed by the
"Defense Language Institute" (DLI) in Monterey, California.

*For these three call (408) 242-5323 or fax (408) 242-7983

Persian Tutor - A CD-Rom designed by University of Washington professor Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak. Available for purchase at

Other Learning Material - A list of several available books and cd roms on learning the Persian language with links to purchase them.