"Modern Persian: Spoken and Written" - Excerpt from the introduction to Modern Persian: Spoken and Written, [Volume 1 / Volume II] (Yale University Press, 2005)

"Persian or Farsi: The debate continues..."
By Kamran Talattof
16 Dec. 1997, The Iranian

"How to Type Documents in Persian with Microsoft Word: A Windows Tutorial"
Updated May 2003

"Yek Ruz Dar Rostamabad-e Shemiran" (A Day in Rostamabad of Shemiran)
By Mohammad-Ali Jamalzade
A short story for advanced Persian students

"Farsi or Persian: What is the Name of the Language?"
By Kamran Talattof This article, written in Persian, is about the name of the Persian language in other languages. (In Microsoft Word [.doc] format available here)

"Iran or Persia, Farsi or Persian" by Pezhman Akbarzadeh