We had a wonderful conference in Tucson - those of you who were there know it and those of you

who weren't missed out on a lot of fun. The SEM presentations given are listed below.


AMS/SMT/SEM - Regional Meeting - April 19-20 1996


Friday/Saturday April 19-20, 1996

1: 20 p.m. Rm. 114

Welcome to The School of Music and Dance

Prof. Gary Cook, Interim Director of

The School of Music and Dance.


Session One - 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Ethnographic Film Session: "Violin Voices of the Old Pueblo." Chair, Janet Sturman (University of Arizona)

Introduction and discussion by filmmakers David Betts, Jennie G. Crouch, and John Crouch


Session Two - 3:30-5:00/5:30 PM

Asian Traditions in Transition.


David S. Merrill (University of Colorado), "Kodo and their Influence on North American Taiko Ensembles" (Mail to: merrild@colorado.edu)

Larry Shumway (Brigham Young University), "Variation in Stereotype Melodies as a Method of Compositions: A Japanese Example." Mail to: larry_shumway@byu.edu

Wendy S. DeBano (Arizona State University), "Music in the Iranian-American Community: Cultural Reinterpretation and Change." Mail to: wendy.debano@asu.edu


Saturday, April 20

Sesssion Three - 8:30-10:30 AM

Percussion Practice in Africa and the New World. Chair, Matt Darling (University of Arizona)

Dave Walton (University of Arizona), "Examining the Meaning of Authenticity: Steel Drum Performance in Trinidad and the United States."

Mark Sunkett (Arizona State University), "An Introduction to the Sabar Drums of Senegal: Drums with Total Community Integration." Mail to: (Internet) iemes@acvax.inre.asu.edu

Timothy Griffin (Arizona State University), "Baka for Ndeupp: Drum Language in Healing Ritual."

Mail to: timothy.griffin@asu.edu


All Societies -Joint Keynote Address - 11:00-11:45 AM - Holsclaw Hall

Panel Response to Keynote, 11:45-12:30;

AMS Respondent, Richard Agee (Northern Colorado University);

SEM Respondent, Richard Haefer, (Arizona State University);

SMT Respondent, Bob Clifford (University of Arizona)


Session Four - 3:00-5:00 PM - Room 121 - Emic and Etic Perspectives in Native American Music. Chair, Blase Scarnati (Northern Arizona University)


Brenda Romero (University of Colorado), "Native Composers Discuss American Indian Sources in Concert Music." Mail to: romerob@spot.Colorado.EDU

William Burkhart (University of Colorado), "An Examination of Notational Practices of Native Composers."

Stephen F. Duncan (Eastern New Mexico University), "The Kiowa Tia Piah Society Annual: An Emic Perspective." Mail to:Duncans@email.enmu.edu

David Shaul, (Tucson, Arizona) "Music and Dance in the Pimeria Alta During the 1700s."


Evening Events

5:00-11 PM Waila Festival

Tohono O'dham Social Dancing and Music

Arizona Historical Society

Second at Park Ave.

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