Spring meeting, 9-10 April 1999 The Colorado College, Colorado Springs


Local arrangements and program committee: Richard Agee, Department of Music, Colorado College; Dr. Stephen F. Duncan, School of Music, Station 16, Eastern New Mexico University.

Friday, 9 April

12:00-1:00 Registration-in Worner Student Center

(SW corner Cascade and Cache la Poudre),

lobby outside of the WES Room (downstairs at the north end of the building)

1:00-2:30 First session: Music in the Americas I

1:00--Ramon Bannister, "The Music of the Inti-Illimani Commodified"

1:30-Brenda Romero, "The New Mexican Indita Song Genre as Cultural Paradigm"

2:00-Oscar Macchioni, "Musical Portrayals of Male Roles in the Argentinean Tango: Juan José



2:30-3:00 Break


3:00-4:30 Second session: Music before and during WWII

3:00--Reed Wangerud, "Adolf Hitler's Unwitting Accomplice:

Richard Wagner's Influence During the Third Reich"

3:30--Ann B. Reagan, "Music and Propaganda in Nazi Germany"

4:00-Thomas L. Riis, "Music in the Movies: Rodgers and Hart in 1939"


4:30-5:00 Break


5:00-7:00 Opening reception at the home of Michael and Susan Grace,

124 West Monroe, Colorado Springs


Saturday, 10 April


8:30-9:00 Additional registration; light food and beverages


9:00-10:30Third session: Music in the Americas II

9:00--Sharon Graf, "Moments of Meaning: The Old Becomes New in Fiddling at the

National Old Time Fiddler's Contest"

9:30-Karen Bryan, "Mary Cardwell Dawson and the National Negro Opera


10:00-Mark D. Porcaro, "Where Have All the Folk Songs Gone?": Transformation of

Anglo-American Ballads in the Folk Music Revival"


10:30-11:00 Break


11:00-12:00 Fourth session: 18th-Century Topics

11:00-Shawn Keener, "Narrative, Symmetry, and Cadential Function in the Finale to

Part II of Haydn's Creation"

11:30-Harrison Powley, "Francesco Barsanti's Concerti grossi op. 3:

Some Unusual Concertini"


12:00-1:00 Lunch in Gaylord Hall

Saturday's lunch will be catered by the university the cost is estimated at $10.00 and is payable at



1:00-1:30 Business meetings of the SEM, AMS (locations T.B.A.)


1:30-3:00 Fifth session-Music East and West

1:30--Hidemi Matsushita, "The Pride of Akita Prefecture: The Life and Music of

Tamezô Narita (1893-1945)"

2:00--Brian Harker, "The Masses, the Mass, and the Ph.D.: Milton Babbitt Encounters


2:30-Stephen Duncan, "East and West in the Music of Sangeeta Abhinay



2:30-3:00 Break


3:30-4:30Sixth session: Pacific and Asian Topics

3:30-Larry Shumway, "Ma'ulu'ulu: Tongan Dance Forms"

4:00-Kazue Konishi, "Monde Drum and Dance in Urban Japan: A Vehicle for Self-

Expression and Social Cohesion"


8:00 Optional concert with Joann Falletta and the Colorado Springs Symphony Orchestra, in Pikes

Peak Center, 190 S. Cascade.

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