Greetings, members of SEM

and of the Southwest Chapter

Our regional meeting was held March 14-15, 1997


the University of Colorado at Boulder

in conjunction with

The American Musicology Society Regional meeting.

and the Rocky Mountain Chapter of

the Society for MusicTheory

The ENMU contingent on its way home from Boulder.

Stephen Duncan, Nik Hill, Zane Hooper, and Chris De Los Santos

Yahoo tells you how to get there!


Friday afternoon (Mar 14)


Noon to 1:30 pm Registration in C113 Conference Room

2:00 to 5:00 First Session SEM/SMT/AMS


SMT Session (Music N-B 95)

Andrew Fowler :"The Romantic Paradox: Evolving Structural Coherence in Schubert's Fantasies"

Joe Brumbaloe: "Schenker, Schumann and Bach's Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas"

L. Poundie Burstein: "A Glimpse into Mozart's Workshop"

Jack Boss: "Shenkerbergian Analysis" and Hidden Repetition in the Opening Movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 10, No. 1


5:00 - 6:30 pm Reception for all three Societies at the University Club

Dinner on your own.

8:00 University Orchestra Concert (Free) Macky Auditorium

Rossini: Overture to the Barber of Seville

Mendelssohn: Symphony #4 in A minor "Italian"

Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #1 in Bb


Saturday, Mar 15

8:30 - Noon - SEM session in Lyric Opera Theater (Room NB-95)

8:30 Carol Zarbock: "Assesing Music Owenership and Control"

9:00 Nikolas Hill: "Construction of PVC Didgeridoo"

9:30 Kristin Taavola: "Modeling Melodic Transformations in Balinese Angklung Gamelan Music."


10:00 Stephen Duncan: "Bhajans: Short History and Development" abstract


10:30 Coffee Break


11:00 Brenda Romero: "The Indita Ballad of New Mexico, Past and Present" abstract

11:30 Mark Sunkett: "Language, The Origins of Rhythm in the Sabar Ensemble of Senegal" abstract


SMT Session (Music C 199)

Nancy Yunhwa Roberts: Registral Choice, and the Significance of Musical Surface in the Opening of Fourth String Quartet by Schoenberg

Melissa Roberts : Nikos Skalkottas Harmonic Conception as Reflected Through System 12b

Leigh VanHandel: Composition and Collage: Morton Subotnick's The Key to Songs

Amy Bauer : A Sense of Order at a Higher Level: the influence of African Polyphony and Indonesian Gamelan on the recent music of Gyorgy Ligeti

Robert Clifford: Textural Contour and the Medial Structure Level in Webern's Opus 11/1


AMS Session (Music C-125)

9:00 John Brobeck: Style and Authenticity in the motets of Antoine de Feyin


9:30 Christopher Shultis: Silencing the Sounded Self: John Cage and Henry David Thoureau's Aesthetics of Co-existence


10:00 Deborah Kauffman: A Repertory of Petits Motets: Sacred Music for Women at the Convent School of Saint-Cyr

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Suzanne L. Moulton-Gertig: Henriette Renie: Defying a Stereotype

11:30 Karl Kroeger: William Billing's Anthem' "Variety Without Method" An Experiment in Modulation

12 to 1:30A group luncheon for all involved is planned at Two-Bitts

[Lunch may be on your own or at planned luncheon at Two-Bitts (for an additional $12 registration fee)].


Saturday afternoon

2:00 to 3:00 SEM is in Room C125

2:00 John Galm: "The Use of Timpani in the Popular Music of Haiti, Cuba and Mexico"

2:30 Larry Shumway: "Elegance on the Frontier: Music, Dance, and Civility in Pioneer Utah"


SMT Session 2:00 - 3:00 C 199)

Timothy Johnson: Introducing Diatonic Set Theory Into the Music Theory Curriculum

Mark Linklater: Canonic Treatment of L'homme Arme: Intuition or Successful Design?


AMS Session


1:45 AMS Business Meeting

2:00 Jonathan Bellman: Musical Exoticism and Local Color: Some Critiques and a Defense

2:30 Jay Rosenblatt: The Curse of Liszt's Youth

3:10 to 3:40 performance of vocal/guitarworks

by Charles Wolzien and Robert Harrison of the College of Music in Grusin Hall


3:45 until ? - SEM is in Room C125

Jamie Kearney's paper on An Analysis of the Music of Public Enemy ("Fight the Power") which

demonstrated the overlayering of rhythms found in African music.


SEM-SW Regular Business Meeting

Stephen Duncan was elected President

Brenda Romero was elected Secretary

The next Meeting is scheduled for March 14-15, 1998 in Albuquerque, NM

at the University of New Mexico. We hope to see you all there!!!!!


4:00 - 5:00 SMT Session (Music C 199)

Steve Lindeman: Miles's Stella: A Comparison in the Light of the Two Quintets

Pandel Collaros: Quantitative Melodic Analysis System


6:00 - 8:00 SMT Dinner/Business Meeting [Orchid Pavilion restautant]

Upcoming Conferences and Events

Brenda Romero (University of Colorado),

Mail to: romerob@spot.Colorado.EDU


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