2005 Annual Meeting of the
American Musicological Society Rocky Mountain Chapter
and the Society for Ethnomusicology Southwest Chapter

Hosted by the School of Music
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, Arizona

Conference Schedule

Friday, April 8


Conference Registration (NAU School of Music, Bldg. 37)


Paper Sessions A & B (rooms 144 & 147)


Coffee Break (room 143)


Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra (Carmina Burana),
Featuring NAU School of Music Shrine of the Ages Choir and the Master Choral of Flagstaff (Ardrey Auditorium)

Saturday, April 9


Registration (NAU School of Music, Bldg. 37))


Breakfast Reception (room 143)


Paper Sessions C, D & E (rooms 144, 146 & 147)


Coffee Break (room 143)


SEM business meeting (room 144)


Banquet Lunch & AMS business meeting (Union, Havasupai)


Keynote Speaker Professor Richard Crawford, "Gershwin's Political Operettas (1927-1933)"(Cline Library Theater)


Reception (Riles Building, College of Arts & Letters Reception area)


Paper Sessions F & G (Bldg. 37, rooms 144 & 146)


NAU Faculty Chamber Players Concert (Ardrey Auditorium)

Paper Sessions

Friday, 2:00-4:30

Session A (room 147)

Richard Haefer, Arizona State University, chair

Tawanda Charumuka

Matepe in the Context of the Mbira Dazvadzimu Cultural Hegemony

Scott E. Antes

The Folk Singers of North America: Heroes in a Musical Battle against Ethnocentrism

Don Henriques

Mariachi Musical Genres & the Construction of Postrevolutionary Mexican Identity

Elina Skarpathioti

The Impact of the Southwestern Ambience and Community on White Indie Rock Bands: Calexico and the Mexican Cultural Agenda


Session B (room 144)

Amy Holbrook, Arizona State University, chair

Richard J. Agee

The Printed Dissemination of the Roman Gradual in Italy During the Early Modern Period

Laura McCormick

Influences of Neo-Romanticism and Impressionism in Lili Boulanger's Work D'un martin de printemps

Janice Dickensheets

Novelistic Analysis and the Sonata Cycle: The Emergence of the Musical Novel in the Nineteenth Century

Donelle Ruwe

Girls Play Piano but Boys Should Not Play Flute?: Gender in 19th Century Pedagogical Novels

John T. Brobeck

Petit Enfant et mon ami:  A Forgotten Poem and New Light on the Career of Jacotin Lebel



Saturday, 8:45-11:00

Session C (room 144)

Joann Kealiinohomoku, Cross-Cultural Dance Resources, Inc., chair

John J. Sheinbaum

Where's That Confounded Bridge? Form, Groove, and Authenticity in Popular Music

Barbara Davis

Almost Heaven: Concepts of Identity and Immortality in the Aspen John Denver Tribute

Matt Bourque

The Precedents of "Close to the Edge:"Increasing Sophistication in the Compositional Techniques of the Progressive Rock Band Yes in the Songs of Fragile


Session D (room 147)

Tom Riis, University of Colorado at Boulder, chair

Sabine Feisst

Schoenberg in America Reconsidered - A Historiographic Investigation

Eric Smigel

Music and Poetry of Changes: The New York School of Composers and Poets

Michael D. Grace

Crumb's A Little Suite For Christmas, A.D. 1979, and Giotto's Frescos for the Arena Chapel in Padua

Brian Doherty

"An American in Paris: the French Musical Studies of David Stanley Smith"


Session E (room 146)

Richard Agee, Colorado College, chair

Suzanne Moulton-Gertig

The Art of Harp Performance in Late Eighteenth Century America: Avocation, Economic Necessity, and Questions of Authentic American Repertoire

Shara J. Engel

A Century of Song, Speech and Soul at First Institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona

Robin Ethridge

Birmingham: The South's Great Symphonic City

Demitra Apostolos

Grand Entry: An Investigation into American Indian Performance in Wild West Shows


Saturday, 3:30-5:00

Session F (room 144)

Mark Sunkett, Arizona State University, chair

Joann W. Kealiinohomoku

Enbodimnent; An Intrinsic feature of Music

Karen M. Bryan

Equity and Regional Opera: the rising influence of the American Guild of Musical Artists in the1940s

Michael B. Vercelli

Ritual Communication Through the use of Xylophones in Lobi Funeral Music

Romeo P. Guzman

Trancing Out: Perception and Reception of Hassan Hakmoun in American Club Culture


Session G (room 146)

Bruce Reiprich, Northern Arizona University, chair

Amy Holbrook

Thematic Economy in the First Movement of Mozart's Piano Sonata in D, K. 576  

Patrick Ryan

The Influence of English Social Music on Haydn's Part Songs

Bernard MacMahon & Allison McGourty

Re-Hearing A Vital Work: The Anthology of American Music: American Popular Music 1926-1931

Tim Smith

A Fugue Would Mend

Arthur Lawton

Aristoxenian Dynamis: Arithmetic and Geometric Sources