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A Brief History of Running

Novice runner. 30 minute treadmill sessions until Fall 2006.
Joined the University of Arizona Wildcat Running Club.


First outdoor run: University of Arizona

September 12th 2006.
3.5 miles around the campus.
Claimed 7:09 min/mile pace.

First 10K: AidsWalkRun

October 8th 2006.
See here

First Marathon: Tucson Marathon

December 10th 2006.
See report here

First iPod

Took me approximately 5.5 generations of iPods before I took the plunge and got my first iPod.

September 13th. First download to Nike on September 13th.
Recovery treadmill run.

[Original data: warm-up 5 mins @ 3mph,
then run at 7:50 pace (7.5mph at 1% incline) for 15 mins,
2 minute walk break @ 3mph, 4 mins @ 7.5mph.
Cool-down: 4 mins @ 3mph.]
A canonical example of over-aggressive
smoothing being applied?
Bought 2nd generation iPod Nano 2nd day of its release (8GB black) and Nike+ footpod (shown in white) to use with my running shoes.

First 10K: AidsWalkRun October 8th

My first 10K under my belt.
Longest run to date.
Signed up in September when my furthest run was about 5 very slow miles.

Official time: 49:03
(7.6 mph or 7:55 min/mile pace)
Feeling: definitely a workout.
Left side stitch @ mile 2. Gone @ mile 4.4 but lost some time.
Need to adjust pre-event diet and warm-up protocol.


First 10K was done on the basis of 6 outdoor runs (around 4.5-5.5 miles each) and 30 minute treadmill sessions.

Outdoor running began a month prior to the event.
The 30 minute treadmill sessions began under 2 months prior.

See the training effect (trendline):

First Marathon: Tucson Marathon December 10th

Two months after my first 10K. See my story here


Running outside with the Footpod

The footpod is securely attached to the tongue of the shoe via a velcro loop.

(My first footpod was just tucked under the laces.
That worked for treadmill workouts but not for running outside.)


Around Randolph Park in Tucson. Run #4.
See the dips in pace?
I discovered the Apple/Nike footpod only reads around half speed when I transition to grass.
Data should be about a 8:30 min/mile pace.


Same fit and kind of running shoes may differ in weight considerably. For example:

Shoes Size Weight (pair) &Delta%
Saucony Omni Grid 4 9.5 730g  
Mizuno Wave Elixir 9.5 574g -21%


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