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[A-Mountain. Picture taken by Jim Montgomery, Minolta DiMAGE Xi]

Recent Events

Date Event Ride time kcal burned Notes
August 7th 2006 Tamako Bike Road, Tokyo   1300 45 miles total.
See description here.
May 8th 2006 Tucson TTF Ride   2500 93F. Tech Talk Forum Ride.
See route page.
February 11th 2006 AZ Brevet Series 300k 11:01 6250 Total time: 12:31. Windy. Flat @ mile 110.
Stomach cramps @ mile 115. Too much acid/gas. Apart from the flat, doing well until then. Predictably, bonked 30 mins later. Several convenience stores and two ice-cream bars and a milkshake later, recovered to finish.
January 14th 2006 AZ Brevet Series 200k 6:30 3850 Total time 7:02
127 miles
Half-an-hour slower than back in October.
A huge difference in fitness, struggled to finish: humbling because back in October I was nowhere near as fit as when I was in November. Haven't trained since El Tour. A lot of work to do.
November 19th 2005 Tour de Tucson 4:42 3026 kcal 109 miles. My first "El Tour". Race report here.
November 5th 2005 AZ Brevet Series 300k 10:34 6100 Total time 11:30
189 miles. 5am start.
Cateye HL-EL500 headlight (1W LED, lithium AAs).
5 intermediate checkpoints + 2 pit-stops: 56 mins total
Ride intake: 3100 kcal: 13 Gu (1300 kcal), 4 energy bars (850 kcal), Accelerade drink mix (840 kcal), banana (100 kcal)
October 15th 2005 AZ Brevet Series 200k 6:02 3900 Total time 6:35
127 miles 21.1 mph
New hydration system here
July 2nd 2005 Mt Evans CO > 3 hrs 2500 Highest paved road in the US (14,264 ft, nearly 4350m)
from Idaho Springs (7,600 ft; 2316m), 28 mile climb, tollbooth at Echo Lake (mile 14), see $3 ticket on left, slow time possibly due to lack of unacclimatization to high altitude
April 24th 2005 Tour of the Tucson Mountains (70 miler) 2:45:09 2000   25.1 mph average
Fast, furious and a bit risky: stay near the front away from the crashes; however, still got stuck behind one just before the finish.
Qualified platinium (2:50 cutoff) for El Tour de Tucson. Official Results
April 23rd 2005 600k Decided not to do it. I wasn't getting the requisite quality training miles in, so I signed up for something short, fast and useful instead (see above).
March 26th 2005 400k DNF Abandoned after 200k, didn't feel right. HR up/power down. Very sleepy from jet lag.
Date Event Ride time kcal burned % of MaxHR Notes
February 19th 2005 AZ Brevet Series 300k 11:31 6000 74% Epic rain ride
January 22nd 2005 AZ Brevet Series 200k 6:28 3500 77%  
Nov 13th 2004 AZ Brevet Series 200k 6:02 3600 80% 21.5 mph moving average

Links: www.azbrevet.com. Results (Timed events)

Random Pictures

[A mama-chari in Japan.]

More random pictures here!

Ride Stories

1996: A first season in randonneuring.
Ride reports from the 1996 Boston Brevet Series (200km, 300km, 400km and 600km) here.

2000: WJW's Jersey Double report
CJBC's Longest Day tidbits

Equipment etc.

Airline bike travel

Magellan eXplorist 600 bike mount

LUST Racing shoes

Platypus Water Tank hydration system

Sentinel Peak/A Mountain SRM files

Climbing power calculator

New drop handlebar/clip-on aerobar setup

CamelBak Bladder Holder Main triangle bag made of sailcloth for my Litespeed Ghisallo

Keywin pedals Cleat wear

Polar S710 and Powermeter Setup and more.

A Radical Drop Handlebar Design Three piece unconventional drop handlebar design with aero position provision

My Custom 2003 Litespeed Ghisallo 650c wheels, log top-tube, low bottom-bracket

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